The Unmissable Rooftops of Paris 2022 —

What could be better than enjoying the outdoor weather perched on the rooftops of Paris, a cocktail in hand?



As its name suggests, we are on a rooftop of Paris, and not just any: that of the former Louvre post office. In the heart of the capital, a huge rooftop with close views of Beaubourg, the Saint-Eustache church, the Bourse du commerce and the gray sea of Parisian zinc roofs. Apart from impressing us, cocktails also hit the high level (of quality and price), without the  vertigo. Be prepared for the wait to be proportional to the height of the building.

43, rue Etienne-Marcel. Paris 1er. 7j/7 : 17h-01h


The Shed

We are on an intimate rooftop, nestled above the central glass roof of the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, overlooked by the summits of the city, surrounded by aromatic plantations (rosemary, lavender, lemon, chives, sage…). Dive into the menu as short as it is precise: “No Shed” for non-alcoholic bevies, “One Shed” for moderate alcohol and “Two Sheds” for a classic amount. The ingredients are hyper quali like the Italian Cocchi Americano, or the Greek mastiha liqueur, and Skinos. See you at the shed!

The Bar Shed, Paris
Hotel des Grands Boulevards

17, bd Poissonnière. Paris 2nd. 7/7: 17h-23h


Le Bar sur le toit

Styling the Art Deco Hotel in Rochechouart (1929), a meeting place for artists and musicians in the heart of Pigalle, the place has a magical side: below Montmartre, and hovering over the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood. We can only move from the top of the ninth floor where everything seems light and airy. Everything is fine, the cocktails are fresh and well balanced, the glasses ready to toast, detach your seat belts, your flight on Air Paris will soon take off!

55, bd Rochechouart. Paris 9th. 7/7: 5:30 p.m.-midnight



We come here as we go to the beach bar. At the level of the Seine, with breathtaking views of the setting sun, facing the green undulations of the Cité de la mode. Foosball, table tennis, fries, focaccias, DJs and cocktails (served in pints) that make you laugh, like their classic Gin Monique, and all this with feet in the water, on the dock or on the deck of the moored barge. 

11, Port of Rapée. Paris 12th. Mon: 17h-23h; mard.-vend.: 17h-02h; Sat: 16h-02h; Sun: 17h- 23h


Les Piaules Nation

Les Piaules are cool hotels, and this one is even more so with its huge balcony-terrace and its plunging view of the roundabout of Place de la Nation. And here, prices are not taking off too high. So you can send yourself a good little cocktail or a craft beer while staying on land on the tides of inflation. At happy hour, it’s sunny, but the best idea is to come in the morning, at breakfast, in the cool breeze. 

28 bis, Place de la Nation. Paris 12th. Bar: Mon-Friday: 10am-midnight; Sat.-Sun: 10am-01am. Catering: 7 days a week: 12h-14h and 19h-22h.


Le Jardin de Louisette

Better than a terrace: a garden, where you come with family or friends. Games, space, large tables, outside or covered if the sun or rain become too pressing. 1,500 m2 of freedom in the purest “Montreuil Style”, a subtle mix of cool and improvisation. We are in the outer annex of the Petit Pub, the troquet next door run by Sofiane who wanted “this place first for children and their parents”. Is life not beautiful?

Le Jardin de Louisette (Montreuil) pour Télérama Sortir, 9 juillet 2020.
Arthur Crestani

37, bd Rouget-de-Lisle, Montreuil (93). 7/7: 8am-23h


A plot stuck behind the Mairie de Montreuil. Well, precisely, we think we dream of seeing how this unlikely place combines all the qualities of a piece of city outdoors, with all the bonuses of a participatory and popular approach: deckchairs, lanterns, good sunny music, the possibility of booking a barbecue or bringing your meal, bought or not at Café Salé. Come as you are, all generations combined, in full conviviality. Velove You!

Vélove, Montreuil
Photographiés pour Télérama Sortir

1, av. Pasteur, Montreuil (93).7 days a week: 12h-midnight



Simply on the 6th floor of a Novotel, and even if it doesn’t look sexy presented like that, think again. I much prefer this corner of sky of the 15th arrondissement to many spots of the 11th populated by gentrifying start-ups. Not only do we have a rare view of southern Paris and the Eiffel Tower, but the cocktail menu is also high-flying, designed by Mathias Giroud, a top talented adventurer bartender. Come on, in!

Vaugirard!257, rue de Vaugirard. Paris 15th. 7/7: 17h-midnight

Canal Barboteur

When this boat docked in its stops north of Paris, the docks saw a feverish beach atmosphere. Bar at the stern, stage at the bow, the crew install tables, benches, awnings, toilets… and the public arrives, attracted like urban seagulls by the wake of this little yellow boat, which sends waves: electro, rap, disco, funk, reggae. The cruise has fun and the banks become barges, with an identical route every week and a different place every day.

photo: Thomas Fliche
photo soumise à des droits d’auteur
Mag Sortir Télérama

Thursday: Parc de la Villette, La Villette, 211, av Jean-Jaurès, Paris 19th, 6 p.m. to midnight; Friday: Le Millénaire, 19, quai du Lot, Paris 19th, 6 p.m. to midnight; Sat.: La Maison des canaux, 6, rue Raymond-Queneau, Bobigny (93), 4 p.m. to midnight; Sun: Place de la Pointe, facing the Chemin de Halagen in front of BETC, Pantin (93), 3pm-10 p.m. 


Joe & Joe

We want to say “Hey Joe” when you arrive on this cute little well-hided roof in the 20th arr., above a hotel for young backpackers. No music up there, but a real cool/chill atmosphere around the cabin/bar. The place does not close late so as not to bother neighbors, but opens early for our little happiness as an outdoor teleworker. Rates are normal, and it feels good to make a rooftop plan without spending your piggy bank! During the day we take orders on the ground floor and climb peinard with the drinks. It’s like that at Joe’s!

Rooftop Joe And Joe – 59 rue de Buzenval Paris 20è

59-61, rue de Buzenval. Paris 20th. 7/7: 9am-10pm.


Station M

The newcomer of the season that seduced us: Station M. Between its breathtaking view of the rooftops of Paris and the Sacré Coeur, with its petanque field, it is the perfect place to enjoy seasonal tapas and sip cocktails from another world. 

Station M by Maison Montmartre 8th floor everyday 12h à 23h


Le Petit Toit Victor Hugo

Bucolic and intimate, it is THE stylish bar where you come to share crispy prawns and sip an exceptional cocktail. For an evening for two or more, this is the address we will absolutely want to spot this summer.

143 Av. Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris

The Rooftop Canopy Of The Paris Trocadéro Hotel

Here is THE place to eat with friends. Live barbecue with grilled vegetables and  meat from French territory, craft beers facing the Eiffel Tower, and a lot of events are organized on the roofs of the hotel. It is the perfect place for festive and warm moments as we like them.

16 Av. d’Eylau, 75116 Paris 01 45 50 50 70


Rooftop Of The Hôtel National Des Arts Et Métier

Whether you are staying in the hotel or not, its rooftop is the ideal place to relax after a long day of work or a visit through the capital. It is the perfect place for cocktail fans who want to enjoy an extremely friendly moment with a view of the city.

243 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris,, 0180972280

Rooftop Brach

If we love this rooftop for its friendly and warm spirit, we love it for its menu with exceptional dishes that promise a tasty trip to Asia. With its furniture made of raw materials, this rooftop has its own charm and offers a luxurious and generous atmosphere.

1-7 Rue Jean Richepin, 75016 Paris,, 0144301000


The Sequoia

Meet on the 10th floor of Kimpton St Honoré for an immersive experience at the top of Paris. Sequoia, offers a breathtaking view of the rooftops of the capital. On Fridays and Saturdays, DJ sets will animate trendy and festive evenings. Enough to make us want to party!


Kimpton St Honoré Paris, 27 – 29 Boulevard des Capucines 75002 Paris,, 0180407610


Source:  Grazia and  Télérama

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